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"Government's first duty is to protect the people not run their lives."

I am committed to representing the taxpayer's of Fort Wayne. The current council has raised taxes two times (income tax and wheel tax) and also raised the water rates. They did this without looking at the current budget and see where cuts could be made. There are always areas that can be cut, especially to make sure public safety and infrastructure is taken care of. We are currently failing in both of these areas.

I am proudly an outsider who has never ran for political office before. I am proudly the only Republican seeking office who can make this claim. 

Political Outsider

Me with the Java (Justice, accountability, victims advocacy) group. I stand with them in their mission to bring deterrence to our city so that we do not continue to have a record number of murders year after year. Thru properly funding the police department we can move in the right direction in this area. We can and we must do better for these grieving individuals who have lost loved ones.

Conservative Republican

​City Council At- Large

Ronald Reagan​

Joseph Townsend and family